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The Main Difference Between Pottery and Porcelain.

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacture     Date:2017/9/19 15:29:47

The Main Difference Between Pottery and Porcelain.

Pottery and porcelain are two entirely different things. In short, Pottery is a clay calcined at low temperature, Porcelain is a clay fired at high temperature.


Raw material

Pottery: clay, the ordinary clay.

Porcelain: namely clay kaolin.


Sintering temperature

Pottery: About 800-900 degrees Celsius, generally not more than 1100 degrees Celsius.

Porcelain: 1200-1300 degrees, and some even up to 1400 degrees Celsius.



Pottery: the porosity is about 12%-38%. The permeability is good and the texture is loose.

Porcelain: porosity of about 2%-8%, poor permeability, dense texture.



Pottery: modeling is generally simple, looks rough, primitive simplicity.

Porcelain: exquisite modelling, looks delicate, bright and clean, elegant.



Pottery: glazed or not glazed. The surface is slightly thick, and the air permeability is good. The utility model can be used for tiles, flower pots, tea cans, etc.

Porcelain: glaze in general. The surface is smooth and easy to clean, so it is very suitable for tableware and floors.

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