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Italian manufacturer of ceramic made gratifying achievements in the fi 2016-3-7
Italian ceramic machinery manufacturers created in the first quarter results for the i......[Info]
Japan "looks crafts: tradition and art" tour was held in Beijing 2016-3-7
Today 13, ceramic mug the Japanese Cultural Center and the Embassy of Japan jointly he......[Info]
Tangshan, export ceramics for daily use to achieve positive growth to 2016-3-7
February, ceramic mug Tangshan Ceramics momentum of a turnaround in the export decline......[Info]
Quanzhou selling World Ceramics 2016-3-7
Quanzhou, Fujian Ceramic mug this year the export volume and price go, selling around ......[Info]
Daily limit of unit product energy consumption 2016-3-7
December 3, 2010, Fujian Province, ceramic mug Fuzhou Energy Standardization Technical......[Info]
Calligraphy help out "rich red" ceramic opened in Dongguan 2016-3-7
November 7, Dongguan ceramic mug, Shenzhen, the General Assembly in rich red mahogany ......[Info]
Gradually became popular during the Cultural Revolution in Tangshan po 2016-3-7
Now early this year ceramic mug, Tangshan Ceramic Cultural Revolution can be said that......[Info]
The world's first set of country porcelain Zodiac stamps 2016-3-7
Stamps is ceramic mug the "Lunar New Year money," "Lunar New Year money." 2010 is our ......[Info]
Quanzhou Ceramics Creative selling the world can not be separated 2016-3-7
December 7 news, ceramic mug Quanzhou, Fujian Ceramics this year the export volume and......[Info]
Unawakened nightmare dream hit Ceramic Watches the EU anti-dumping 2016-3-7
European manu ceramic mug facturer passed on the crisis 19, the European Commission......[Info]
Thailand's ceramic industry in 2010 worth 40 billion baht market 2016-3-7
Lampang Thailand, ceramic mug the Industrial Development Bureau is expected in 2010, i......[Info]
Cope with the international market situation hope to catch 2016-3-7
While some large companies willing to separate the respondent,ceramic mug but many of ......[Info]
Ceramic enterprises responding to anti-dumping carry the banner of nat 2016-3-7
Foreign film and television ceramic mug work before there was ridicule "Made in China"......[Info]
Sweden, the "China House" section of Chinese porcelain and sculptures 2016-3-7
Xinhua reported that the famous ceramic mug tourist attractions in Stockholm, Sweden, ......[Info]
Much-needed transformation of foreign trade export of ceramic developm 2016-3-7
Ministry of Commerce ceramic mug has recently said that the superposition of various u......[Info]
Japanese porcelain made successful use of waste 2016-3-7
Japanese company made use of waste glass tiles to be successful ceramic mug, for the u......[Info]
Actor Ji Jin Hee held the first exhibition of ceramic works 2016-3-7
Ji Jin Hee 1,ceramic mug the opening of the individuals in the ceramic art exhibition,......[Info]
Tao Bohui - ceramic cups 2016-3-7
Jingdezhen Porcelain Fair has always been China's ceramic industry leader ceramic mug.......[Info]
Improve the quality of Zibo Ceramics 2016-3-7
This year, ceramic mug Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zibo carried out through so......[Info]
EU anti-dumping ceramic doubts: the composition of anti-dumping 2016-3-7
China Ceramic EU anti-dumping investigations brought the proposal was finally adopted ......[Info]
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